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What is Home Audio?
Home Audio is the installation of speakers throughout your home or garden. They are discreet and provide equal sound. The system can be added to multiple rooms to allow for the same music to play throughout the property. 

Audio solutions are big business. Companies are continually fighting to produce the best speakers for any space. A top end speaker is great until you realise you haven’t charged it or you’re not sure where you left it last.

With built in audiothese frustrations disappear. You can choose to have an smart audio system spanning the entirety of your home and garden or maybe there’s a particular room you want to start with like the living room. Make movie nights like your own private cinema experience with discreet speakers placed perfectly for full surround sound.  

Our Smart Audio Solutions are designed to be built on. You can start with a one room option to begin with and expand if you would like the same quality throughout your property. Depending on the system you choose, you’ll either be able to play different songs in different rooms at the same time, the same music in all rooms, or just a couple simultaneously. You can begin with your entertainment room and expand to the garden to set the tone for those summer gatherings.