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Multi Room Smart Video
What is a multi room TV? 
The basic definition of a video distribution system generally can be explained as an ability to get media from a source or sources to a screen or multiple screens. A common example is the sports bar scenario, where a location has an array of video monitors which can be fed the same sporting event.

Experience clear picture quality in every room.

Create a breath-taking home entertainment experience with our multiple TV smart home solutions. With multi room TV installed throughout your home, you will have all your video sources (e.g. Sky boxes, Virgin Tivo, Apple TV etc.) stored in the rack in your central location. Enjoy your favourite TV shows and Netflix series in clear picture 4K quality any connected TV 

Avoid clutter by having all equipment neatly stored in a central location i.e. no unsightly Sky boxes on show, no cables to hide etc. 

Share the source boxes across multiple screens in every room removing the mass of unsightly remote controls on your coffee table or in the depths of the sofa.

All of our packages can be extended in time. Start your video in every room experience with the main entertainment rooms in your home and expand when you are ready.